Filipino Film Art

i found this tiddy on ourtube today while foraging. mr. deocampo is quite a scenester, having toured international cool circles with his work and lectures. he's a legend in the philippines, as you will witness in this extract from his piece "Oliver". this is the first part of a trilogy reflecting hard times during Marcos' dictatorship in the 80s. its loosely based on the gender politic and how we weave our own dramas (or dramacracy?!) as spiders caught in our own web.

filipino cinema is an industry with over 70 years worth of work!!! most of what's known about filipino cinema leans toward the filipino exploitation films of the 70s and 80s... mad gun fights!

always with the proportionate amount of vengence, these heroes come out a blazing amidst the trauma and handicaps.

not without a sense of humor, these guys!

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