old world

i welcome my age with the hospitality given to a new guest. you are welcome to everything that i offer you, but please, don't steal anything. i want to keep my glowing skin, luxe hair and limberness. i don't want you take it away from me. but if you do, i will visit lori at her new job and promptly book a restylane injection - it's not botulism - and maybe some light pixel therapy.

however, if age teefs more than i can afford to replace, having good buds like these would be gold, the kind found in vintage costume jewlery: a friend who is fabulous in their being fragile, who may be passed as cheap but whose worth is in their unique existence of having survived so much. i could continue to prattle on about my worthlessly wonderful pals, but i'll not. instead, this ode to age:

thanks dee!

2 Responses to "old world"

Anonymous said... October 15, 2008 at 7:13 AM

Darling I am on my way there and fighting to hold onto what I've got with every ounce in me.

We can be Joyce and Marilyn. One is tall, the other small. We are fabulous and will surely stay that way even if we are sharing a connected room at the Parkdale Inn.


ire cortes said... October 20, 2008 at 11:15 AM

indeed ... but let's keep our money, leave the hats for winter ...

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