LARPing my ass off

i'm totally running home from school. i've got the chips on pour, sour cream dip doled out, cereal on soak - snacks, check. rubbing the salt and oil onto my kilt, i handle my Magic™ cards with the utmost care. i'm constructing my deck for battles to come. did i really do all this while i was, um, younger? did my brothers and i really fight for booster packs, enchanments and creatures? sneak into each others rooms to "trade"? kick fight on the couch for the choice spot for battles? (higher ground) ... sigh ...

the laughs, the tears... where is this passion now? these days, all i hear about is the economy and careers, money and having it, not having it. fall shopping and trips. ugh. when did we all turn into turds? wannabe suits, falling off the racks in our once bountiful stores of dreams. where's the goddam poetry?

so true. so true! the Realm (capital R) is crumbling and who will lead us when the banners of big business fall? Me? You? Vlayhus, son of Zenin?
the future is trying - imagining itself into being, but it can't do it without our help...

it resonates universally. even in the german.

it's when we willfully stop, saying that we "can't" or "i don't know" or "it doesn't matter", like that bastard bastion did, should we really be scared and worried. our wills are capable of reasoning and using rational, irrational excuses and concepts to prevent us from living in imagination. why? why would we do this? modern psychology has many years to catch up on the constructed natures of our egoist delusions. i say this because we are still caught up inside of our own behavior and reactions to society that we leave no room to explore the cosmic ramifications of our actions that presume we actually are responsible for and connected to everything we see and imagine. every little thing, every decision we decide to make, every word/thought we use. we are responsible and each cause has it's effect. that's pretty fucking shitty, right. but that's all we'll see. this is probably why our egos gear up, as a universal truth supposes that the power isn't just in our hands but is shared with everyone/thing else. and so the ego builds it's fortess of solitude: an icicle palace of power, and wills our inherent nature to connect to our imagination - that is capable of seeing beyond ourselves - into a kind of million-dollar sleeper move. Ted DiBiase

but LO!

as we all know, virgil was once the bodyguard to the million dollar man, ted dibiase. tired of being humiliated and dibased, we see him transform during one fateful summerslam.

once a slave, we too can rise above the passions of material wealth, greed and superficiality. duck it's clothespin and suffocate it into submission. let's use that insider tip from colin smith and bet our million dollar dream winnings on a game of quidditch!

and so it is out there. at vasser and on the kitchen tables (not layton's canadian kitchen tables cause all they do on it is bills and political gimmicking) but after-school snacking tables where all the Magic™ happens.

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